The Game Day Mindset. Every Day Is The Opportunity. The Opportunity To Be Great, To Develop Yourself, To Achieve Your Dreams, To Be The Person You Were Born To Be!!


(pictured: my younger brother Christian before a game. He played college ball at Henderson State University in Arkansas. I thought this picture displayed the face of “Game Day” quite well. Plus, I know he doesn’t mind me using it)

It’s been 7-8 years since I’ve woken up to the phrase, “it’s game day!” Throughout middle and high school, my dad would always wake me up with that phrase. Game day wasn’t just another day of the week. Game day was THE day we’ve been preparing for all year!

My football career is now over and has been for some time now. It’s crazy how the years have flown by. I thought my life would always revolve around football but the past few years, it hasn’t been that way. At least, not directly.


Kingsville Tackle

(pictured: That’s me, #36 making a tackle on a punt returner my redshirt freshman year against Texas A&M – Kingsville. I played for Southeastern Oklahoma State Savage Storm)

As an athlete, you live for Game Day. It’s the time where all your preparation, hours of practice, early morning weight lifting sessions all come to fruition and get put on display. It’s been over four years since I’ve laced up my cleats and stepped onto a football field.

Truthfully, I miss it. Football was part of my identity for over a decade and the years following it coming to an end, was a very difficult transition for me. I’ve never really talked about the difficulty in letting football go. That’s just part of it. Everyone who puts on the pads knows that there will come a day where you’re no longer able to do it.

I no longer walk on to the football field with that Game Day Mindset. However, that mindset travels with me everywhere I go. My game days no longer consist of bombing footballs through the uprights or downing opponents inside their own five yard-line with punts.


No, my game days consist of finding and/or creating opportunities. The game day mentality is no longer just something I use on a once a week basis during the fall. It’s an every day thing, these days. And, it’s got to be!!

I recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. You know, to chase the dream, like millions of others have done. In this city, you’ve always got to be ready. You’ve got to have your eyes open, find/create an opportunity and show up and be ready to kill it!

There are no off-seasons for opportunity or success. Every day is THE opportunity and you must be ready to seize it. Today, is my Game Day!

I’ve got a big interview today that could get me one step closer to turning my dreams into reality. This opportunity didn’t come from dumb luck. My life experience up to this point has prepared me for this opportunity. That every day is Game Day Mindset has got me in the best shape of my life, to date, and I am ready for this opportunity.

Of course, there’s always that chance it won’t workout. But, you better believe that I will show up, I will be as prepared as possible. And, I will use this opportunity (win or lose) to drive me further down the path.

Just like in football, you never know how many Game Day’s you’re going to get. The schedule will guarantee your team 10-16 games. But, it won’t guarantee you any… One play, and it could all be over for you. Same goes with life. Every day is game day but you never know which one will be your last.


I beg of you, my friend, to treat this day and every day moving forward like it’s Game Day, like it’s your last Game Day. You never know, it very well could be. Don’t take one day, one hour, one moment for granted. Seize the opportunity! Today is that opportunity!!

Wish me luck, my friends. This day could prove to be a very pivotal one and change the course of my whole life!

I have prepared well. I am ready. Let the chips fall where they may…

Thanks for reading! Stay #Relentless


And Dad, I hope you never think all those mornings went wasted… or the hours spent on the field just prepared me for football… they have prepared me for life and have played a pivotal role in where I stand today and where I will go in the future… I love ya pops!

  – Nick




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