“The Relentless Mindset”

The Relentless Mindset is a collection of quotes, principles, and philosophies that will inspire you and help shape your belief patterns for the better. The underlying premise is: change the mind first and the body will follow. In order to change the mind, you must find purpose. More specifically, your purpose. Life is meaningful but it is not our goal to figure out the meaning of life. Rather, we should focus on living a life of meaning. There are no checklists in this book. There is no step by step guide to becoming relentless. If you have a willingness to improve, in any aspect of your life, this book will put you on the right path. It will change the way you view things. It will motivate you to put your plan into action. Find out what it means to be relentless and how it can change your life.

“Answering the Call”

“Answering The Call” is about overcoming adversity. When the odds seem to be stacked against you, that’s when you get to see how strong you really are. Chad’s story is one that will motivate and inspire. His story will encourage the reader to think differently about difficult situations. “Answering The Call” will allow you to view things in a new perspective and ultimately encourage you to take action. If there is something about your life that needs to change, Chad’s story will inspire you to take that first step!

“Look Good Every Day!”

This book dives into the habits and routines that Nick uses to keep him in great shape, ALL YEAR LONG! These tactics will also help you determine how you can adapt your health and fitness to your own lifestyle. This book is only available as a downloadable PDF. Please email for a copy!