About Nick

Writer / Film Maker / Adventurer 

Nick prefers the simple life that the mountains offers. If it was up to him, he’d be on a snowboard everyday and he’s working hard to make that a reality. 

Nick's Story

Nick first stepped into the limelight in the health and fitness space. As a personal trainer, he helped many 1 on 1 achieve their physique goals. Nick quickly realized that he was not only able to help people change their physical body but their mindset as well.

Nick spent 8 years in the health and fitness field, eventually moving on to group fitness instruction and working with young athletes. Along the way, he dove heavy into the nutritional side of the industry, uncovering a host of misleading information. This struck a chord with Nick and he spent several years devoted to debunking some of the leading myths in the industry. 

One of his more popular articles, “Shining a Light – Debunking Common Fitness Myths,” got real attention and backlash. Nick didn’t back down. Instead he rose to the occasion by becoming a human guinea pig and testing things on himself and eventually on willing clients. His more recent article describes Nick’s findings after half a decade, “Intermittent Fasting – Revisited: My Thoughts After 5 Years of Practice.” 

In the fall of 2017, Nick took a leap of faith and moved to Southern California, the mecca of health and fitness. After a few weeks of sleeping in his truck and living off of protein shakes, he landed a job selling supplements that would eventually led to a job as the West Coast Sales Rep for NutraBio

Nick spent the summer traveling throughout Southern California and even made a handful of cross-country trips. It was a true dream job, by Nick’s standards. His popularity boomed as he started making connections with some big names in the industry. Combine that with his already growing contact list all over the country and Nick was primed for the big time. 

While in Los Angeles, Nick landed a few modeling gigs and crossed paths with a couple of directors who wanted him to audition for some acting roles. Everything was coming to be, just like Nick had envisioned before moving to California but something just didn’t feel right. 

The LA hustle was just too noisy and proved correct his suspicions. Nick saw where he was headed, which was exactly where he once wanted to go, but bowed out and opted for a simpler life.

Nick traded in the sunny beaches for the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains. He left the scene of the health and fitness industry and tried to find some space. After all, fitness was a huge part of Nick’s life but he knew that it was always bigger than fitness. This step back allowed him to breath and contemplate what was next.   

Nick’s remained mostly quiet after leaving California, in fear that he may have left his influence behind. His rebranding has taken some time and he’s given it a ton of thought. Despite what he might think, his influence is very much present and Nick’s decided to continue influencing those near and far by doing what he’s always done: simply, telling his story.