When it comes to sales, Nick is a natural. He could sell a ketchup popsicle to woman wearing white gloves! He has 10 years of experience on the sales floor in many different arenas. From selling personal training packages, supplements to customers and business owners, to fine art, Nick knows how to relate to people and close the deal. His demeanor is inviting and friendly. But perhaps, the main reason he’s sold over $1 Million worth of goods and services is because he sells nothing he doesn’t believe in. 

Summer 2018 & 2019

Nick took his experience in sales North to the last frontier of Alaska. He joined National Geographic photographer and friend Barrett Hedges in Skagway, AK to manage the “Nature’s Wildest Moments” photo gallery. The gallery had it’s best summer to date, while under Nick’s watch. He plans on returning to Skagway for the 2019 summer. 

Winter 2018 & 2019

Nick landed a job at Keystone Resort for the winter of 2018. He worked guest services and interacted with guests on a daily basis, helping them with directions, recommendations, and lost and found.

Keystone Job

Jan – Aug [2017]

Nick served as sales rep for the sports nutrition company, NutraBio. He worked as the West Coast Territory Manager dealing with big box retailers such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. During Nick’s time, NutraBio saw a huge increase on the West Coast, bringing NutraBio’s uncompromising nature to the Golden State. 

In Aug of 2017, Nick stepped down from his sales rep position and moved to Colorado in search of a more simple, peaceful life. 

Jan 2012 – Dec 2016

Nick worked in various gyms from Texas, Tennessee, and California. He worked with athletes and general population to help his clients achieve better performance, health, and wellness. 

Nick has certifications in Corrective Exercise, Performance, Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Nutrition. He’s used himself as a guinea pig to experiment with numerous workout routines and diet programs. His experiences can be found on numerous online sites and forums. 

Along with training in gyms, Nick has also helped dozens of those looking to better themselves remotely. In the fall of 2016, Nick looked to expand his career to the sunny beaches of Southern California. 

College 2009 – 2014

Nick played 2 seasons at Southeastern Oklahoma State, serving as the teams punter and place holder. He set two school records during his redshirt freshman year: most punts inside the 20 in a single game (6) and vertical jump record for kickers (32.5″). 

Nick would transfer to Greenboro College, in North Carolina, to complete his college playing career. He would go on to finish his degree in Physical Education and Instructional Technologies at Texas A&M-Texarkana, not far from where Nick grew up. 

Nick’s college career allowed him to see much of the country and play football at the next level. Nick’s dedication and commitment to honing his craft carries over to every job he sets his mind to.