Media and Press

Here you’ll find the videos, articles, and podcasts that Nick has been fortunate enough to be on. Nick’s travelled all over and has met many great people. He’s very thankful for all of the great people who he’s met and have helped him get where he is today! 


Canyon Trip w/ Huge Fly Fisherman
Fall Fishing w/ Huge Fly Fisherman
Huge Fly Fisherman in my Boat

Interviews and Podcasts

Voyage Denver Interview, Sept 2022
Dark Starts Podcast, July 2021
Venture Life Podcast, April 2019

Social Media

Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing, May 2023
LidRig Video, April 2023
Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing, Dec 2022
Brandon Wanthal Photography, Nov 2022
LidRig New Products, Nov 2022
Fin River Gear, Product Testing, July 2022
LidRig, "Use Your Head," July 2022
Yellow Tent Nomads, June 2022
The Mountain Guides, May 2022
Shady Rays, Feb 2022
Shady Rays, Jan 2022
NutraBio, Dec 2020


The Mountain Guides
Black Canyon Anglers
Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing
Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing