This place was a real treat! It had come highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint! Restaurants like The Attic are hidden gems and greatly award those who discover.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that these reviews are entertaining and learning ya a thing about the restaurants I find.

I know most of you are probably not in the Southern California area. So, these reviews aren’t something that you can immediately relate to.

However, many of you travel quite a bit and, as much as I roam, I’m bound to run across a restaurant in your neck of the woods.

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Give me a shout if there’s a restaurant in your area that you’d like me to review. For those not familiar with my reviewing style, please scope out the criteria here.

Another good article to read would be “The Cardinal Rule.” This is one thing I never do when it comes to food. I wouldn’t be mad if you followed suit.

The Review

The Attic is tucked away in a nice little area of Long Beach, right off broadway. It was once a house now converted into a restaurant. If you dined inside, you would be eating in the living room. I chose to dine outside.


I very much enjoyed the atmosphere. Dining outside was a solid choice! Although there wasn’t a beautiful skyline, beach, or mountain view, I enjoyed where I was. The place was laid back, casual and open.

The Attic had created it’s own unique atmosphere in this quite little area of Long Beach. #Respect

Score: 8.0

I had set a reservation for 4 PM but arrived obnoxiously early at 3:30. They told me the dinner menu would start at 4 and that I was welcome to wait if I wanted to.

I asked them what the main differences where between the menus. They were very polite and answered all my questions. They even brought me both menus to glance over.

The waitress was hella cute and spot on with recommendations, while I tried to figure out my order! She came by a few times to make sure I was doing okay and fill up my water.

The “thank you Nicholas…” upon returning my credit card was a very nice touch. At this point, I actually debated on throwing out some flirties…

I asked her where the bathroom was instead. What? Cheese doesn’t sit too well with me. But, like a selfless restaurant reviewer, I took one for the team here.

Score: 8.7

View / Ambiance 
The view wasn’t bad. Sitting right off of broadway allows you to watch the traffic and tourist as they pass by.

However, the feel of the restaurant provided a nice little escape. It felt good here. It was much more of an experience feel, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

I didn’t see the sun set over the Pacific or an amazing skyline but I didn’t have to. The Attic provided it’s own ambiance and feel. Mad respect!

Score: 7.3

Social Media
The Attic does a fine job of using Instagram and has built a nice following (19.7k). Their pictures are enticing and prompt your taste buds to wake up.

Similar to Tocaya Ogranica‘s pictures, many are professionally done and look great. However, The Attic does a fine job of throwing some regular (but still awesome pics) in the mix as well.

They clearly state that they are dog friendly in the last line of their IG bio and that was the icing on the cake for me and confirmed my decision to visit The Attic!

Score: 8.2

Sophie Lou

Can I have a bite of that burger, bro?

Food / Drink
I didn’t drink but I did glance over the drink menu. They have some pretty unique cocktails. I can get on board with that!

As stated earlier, I had two menu’s in my hand. The breakfast/brunch/lunch menu had some awesome things on it. The chicken and waffles really caught my eye.

But, the flaming mac and cheese had come highly recommended to me and it is considered to be one of their specialties, although my waitress wasn’t too keen on it herself.

The fact that I had to order the mac and cheese influenced my diner selection.

[Chicken and waffles probably wouldn’t have gone too well together. But, I must say, I did seriously consider it. After all, when it comes to dining, there are no rules, at least for me. You’re only limited to your imagination. Remember that!]

I decided to go with the Reggae Mac & Cheetos and the My Boy Blue Burger.

My Boy Blue

One of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. The whole thing came together very well. With the exception of some of the bacon being dragged out after a bite, this burger wasn’t far from perfect.

The cajun seasoning wasn’t too spicy at all and mixed very nicely with the BBQ sauce and fried onions. The brioche bun was also a very nice touch and added more humph to the burger.

It caught my eye on the menu and when the waitress recommended it, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger. It didn’t disappoint.


my boy blue burger

The fries were solid too. They had a nice little garlic-herb seasoning on them. Went down the hatch just fine!


The mountain of mac and cheetos was good and too my surprise wasn’t as flaming hot as I anticipated.

Perhaps, the cute waitress influenced my thinking more than I give her credit for but I’m going to side with her on this one.

I did enjoy the mac and cheetos but wasn’t overly impressed. It’s exactly what you think it is. Mac and cheese topped with some flaming hot cheetos.

I should say that I’m not a huge pasta guy and cheese doesn’t typically sit too well with me. I think the mac and cheetos is a solid idea and I give mad props for the innovation. However, for me, it just didn’t do the trick.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I ate the majority of the mountain of pasta shells covered in cheese and flaming hot cheetos. I can appreciate this for what it is, no doubt.

Score: 8.8

A little pricey… would’ve probably pulled the trigger on the bass but found it to be a bit steeper in price for the type of restaurant… it just didn’t fit the vibe…

I like to eat things according to the type of place… weird? Maybe. But that’s just how I roll.

Overall, the menu was a bit pricey but for the location. If you’re in vacation mode, you will tend to have a bit more leniency toward pricer restaurants. In that context, it’s doable.

Score: 6.2


I was very impressed and pleased with my experience here at The Attic. It has quickly jumped to the top of my favorite places in Southern California.

[Granted, that my SoCal dining experiences are quite limited.]

Nonetheless, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the least if you decide to swing by the attic!

Score: 7.9

Final Thoughts

The Attic was a real treat to eat at. The menu selection was awesome (both of them) and the food was tasty. Unique little spots like this are what I love to find!

I hope you’re enjoying these reviews. If you happen to eat at one of these places, I would love to hear what you think about them!

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