I believe it’s important to take self-inventory, stop and take notice of what we’re currently doing and maybe revisit the recent past. It’s not important that we dwell on the mistakes and shortcomings but it is imperative that we learn from them and do our best not to repeat them. 



“Failure is instructive.
The person who really thinks
learns quite as much from
his failures as from his successes.” 
– John Dewey

Recently, I posted an article entitled, “Lower Your Expectations.” That may sound a bit out of character, coming from a dude they call Mr. Relentless. However, it’s a subject that is far too often overlooked and it’s important that we address. 

Before that post, I sat down to contemplate my current expectations and where I have gone wrong with past expectations. The following is what a I call my “Ode for Change.” It sits on my desk and I read it often. 

It serves me as a reminder that I am capable of a lot of things but I must choose what’s most important and devote my full effort to that endeavor. May this short piece, provide you a similar motivation and serve as the catalyst of your next great endeavor. 


“Ode for Change”


Over the course of my life, I have picked up some bad habits. I’ve been lazy when I’ve had plenty of work to do. I’ve been overcome with opportunity and squandered them away. I’ve been one to over-estimate my ability to work on multiple things at once.

I’ve bitten off far more than I can chew and the results,
or lack there of, have let people down.

In my eyes and heart, I have let people down. I’ve put so much pressure on myself that I’ve been paralyzed to work on projects, in fear that they would fall well short of my outrageous expectations. And, of course, they would. 

I am very talented and my mindset is like no other. But, if I am to make the most out of this gift, I need to manage this mental block of perfectionism, time, and energy to complete a task. I can’t do everything but I can do some things greatly.

Please, let’s move on from this unreliable version of myself and
put more focus on what’s important.

I am a work in progress. There is much I’ve learned in my first 28 years of life but still a whole lot more to learn. Perhaps, my most valuable lesson is staying true to myself. For when I get away from who I am, it is then I realize that am unhappy, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled. 

I do not wish to know it all; I believe some things are better when left up to the imagination. However, I go into this day with the confidence that I have all the tools necessary to thrive. I will strive to be grateful for every opportunity I’m presented. 

May my intentions for this day be clear and pure so that when I lay my head down tonight, I may rest peacefully, confidently knowing that this day did not go to waste.


“A day is a span of time no one is wealthy enough to waste.”


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