I wanted to share just a quick little excerpt from my journal this morning. It’s a simple message that I’ll carry with me today and hopefully everyday! I hope you carry it with you, and that it helps your day go a bit smoother!

This is my first time blogging from my phone, which is kind of shocking but necessary, as my laptop is currently on the fritz. (I need to buy a new one, but before I do that, I’d like to get a credit card that’ll give me a nice bonus. If you have any ideas, send them my way!) 

Today, I wanted to share just a quick little excerpt from my journal this morning. I try to journal each morning but some days, I just don’t. Although, I do feel a bit better when I do.

Nonetheless, the following thoughts popped up in my head this morning and I think they might bring you a bit of value or at least spark a few questions. 

Enter Nick’s Journal.

“Today, I wish to cut out the clutter, quiet the noise, and focus on the essential. As a student of stoicism and life, I have but one job: to be good, to strive for wisdom, to become the person that philosophy wishes to make me. 

Today, I’ll strive to prevent myself from getting frustrated in meaningless moments. When an opportunity to be nice presents itself, I will display kindness. When an opportunity for teaching arises, I will educate. When an opportunity for learning occurs, I will listen. 

And, even though, stresses of the job will no doubt find me, face to face, I will do my best to focus on what’s essential.” 


Now, I do believe that it’s incredible important to define what’s essential to us. Perhaps, we should do that first before we commit to focusing only on what’s essential. 

But, from my experience, finding what is essential is a moving target. Some things that are most definitely essential to our health, jobs, and/or lifestyles now may not be essential in the future. 

I’m sure you can think of a couple examples in your own life of things that were important but are now, more or less, meaningless. So, I won’t bore you with three examples from my past. 

[Side note: a pet peeve of mine from speakers or writers or anybody really is providing too many examples. Usually 1-2 does the trick! I have been sure guilty of this but now, strive to not over do it.]

Perhaps, I should’ve defined “essential” in a blog post before sharing this. It is this type of thinking that prevents me from sharing, as I feel I should have all my ducks in a row before publishing anything. 

I have found that to be one of my biggest barriers to growth. Perfectionism is the enemy of good! 

I share all this with you today because this is where I’m at. Just like you, my life is messy, complicated, and I struggle to find the remote (of my life). 

Let us cast away perfectionism. Let us focus on the essential and if we don’t know what exactly that is, just yet, let us focus on the one job we all share: to be good! 


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