In an attempt for those who have trouble (and wish) to keep up with me, I have created this “now” page. Here, I’ll share what I’m currently working on, assuming that it’s not super top secret stuff.

Last Updated – June 18, 2021

Marching towards the “Skillet Glacier” on Mount Moran in the Tetons. 

I’ve set my sights and centered my life around a career in the great outdoors. The past few winters I have gone in search of the areas with the best snow. I’ve had the privilege of climbing and splitboarding peaks in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and not least of which, Alaska.

There’s no doubt that my heart belongs to winter and the pursuit of big mountains. But, my life has also followed the seasonal aspect of nature. Summers have been a time where I devote to working and saving money for another winter of of adventures.

However, I have recently dove head first in to another passion, fly fishing. In fact, I just got back from St. Xavier, Montana. There, I attend the Sweet Water Guide School and learned a ton about fly fishing and what it takes to become a fly fishing guide.


Persistence paid off! After 4 days of coming up empty on landing a fish, a managed to get this 18″ Whiting in the boat.


I’m currently in the process of becoming an AMGA Ski/Snowboard Guide. I’d love to guide people in the mountains throughout the winter. I think it would be a very fulfilling career move. To compliment guiding in the mountains, during the winter, I’m thinking that fly fish guiding during the summer and fall would be another step closer to my ideal lifestyle.

I’m the kind of guy who goes all in on things and that’s exactly what I’ve done over the past several years. I’m probably a couple of seasons away from becoming a certified mountain guide. However, I am anticipating finding a gig doing some fly fish guiding, as early as summer of 2022.

I think a life spent outdoors with the bonus of getting to share it with others is a life I know I can be proud of. Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly but steadily moving towards an ideal lifestyle for me.

Lifestyle design is a game of guess and check. Think you want something? Go do it and see if it’s everything you thought it would be. That’s exactly what I have done and I believe I’m trending in the right direction. At the age of 30, I think I’ve learned a lot about myself and the life I will enjoy living.



May the wild ride continue…

– Nick




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