In a world of auto-responders and social media bots, there’s still a few out there who like to be social on social media and have a bit of fun in their inbox… for goodness sake, somebody send me an email!!


Hey guys, I’ve updated my auto-responder. Many loved the old one but I think you’ll really get a kick out of this one!! I hope it spices up your Monday and puts a smile on your beautiful face!

Here’s my new email auto-responder:


Hey, this is Nick! I greatly appreciate you reaching out, especially if it’s about business or going snowboarding!

I am currently traveling all over Southern California working but mostly having a blast! I am checking emails whenever I can find time.

Sometimes that’s several times per day and others it’s only once at 2:15 AM parked on the Pacific Coast Highway listening to the waves crash against the rocks in Malibu.

As if you were interested, here’s what I’m currently up to:
What I’m Doing Now

Please know that I am not ignoring you. If you don’t hear back from me within a 4-5 day span, one or more of the following has probably happened:

1. I ran into crappy Wi-Fi service and after spending 25 minutes on an Instagram post (@nlatoof) the app shuts down and loses all my hard work. At which point, I spike my phone like Rob Gronkowski after scoring a TD and it shatters into a million pieces.

(not much pisses me off more than shitty wifi)

I am then embarrassed and further pissed off because now I have to go buy a new phone, yada yada yada… I decide not to check emails for a while…

2. I’m hiking in the mountains, get lost and separated from my buddy, have a come to Jesus moment while bunkered down on the face of a mountain, desperately wishing I was laying on the couch watching football. (true story… find it here)

I miraculously survive this near death experience and decide not to check e-mails for several days…

3. My email and website gets hacked by Russian pricks… I spend 10 non-stop hours on recovering content and decide that I need a break from looking at a screen… (also based on real events…)

The break turns into a mini-vacation in which I don’t go anywhere but yet, have a mid-life crisis and contemplate giving it all up to go make sandwiches at McDonald’s… (also real but that’s how I got into snowboarding… shoot me an email if you’re interested in the full scoop, I’m afraid this is getting out of hand…)

Of course, there are many other variables, significantly more important but definitely not as funny, that could come up that would delay my response to your email.

But, once again, I assure you… you are not being ignored! If I wanted you to fuck off, I’d just say so.

I appreciate your patience, your attention, and your #Relentless need to communicate with me!

Nick LaToof
Fitness Coach
Nutritional Advisor
Writer / Author / Speaker
Social Influencer

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