Media Projects

Digital Shorts & Teasers

"Backcountry Mission - Mount Lamborn" Teaser

[April 2019]

Logan and Nick attempt their most ambitious backcountry mission yet. They say it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong. Let’s just say that they made sure to get plenty of adventure on this mission. 

[Full Video Launching: December 2019]

"Relentless" - Teaser

[March 2019]

In this documentary, Nick dives deep into uncovering more about himself and what makes him tick. He opens up, asks the difficult questions, and become vulnerable all in the name of self-awareness and the pursuit of understanding.

[Anticipated Launch: 2022]

[March 2017]

Nick teams up with George Elias and Fig Tree Cinemas for weekend filled of travel and promotion. Follow Nick through Los Angeles for a weekend of demos, nutrition talk, and hustle. [filmed and edited by George Elias]

"The Return of St. Mary's Glacier"

[October 2017]

In Nick’s first trip to Colorado, he and a buddy found themselves in a precarious situation. What was meant to be a casual hike could’ve turned out to be much worse. The mountains taught Nick a valuable lesson that day. One year later, Nick returns to pay respects and share his gratitude for a lesson he still carries with him today. [filmed and edited by Nick LaToof]

"Santa Monica Photoshoot"

[January 2017]

Go behind the scenes of a photoshoot Nick did on the beaches of Los Angeles with Elyse’s Photography. [filmed by Eric Higuera, edited by Nick LaToof]

"Live Fit Fitness Expo"

[April 2016]

Just after the release of his first book, “The Relentless Mindset,” Nick heads home to share his expertise and promote his book. [filmed by Shane George and Jared Olive, edited by Shane George]

"Smokin' Guns"

[October 2016]

Nick takes you through a motivating back and bicep workout. Face the pain of struggle now or the pain of regret, forever. [filmed by Shane George, edited by Nick LaToof]

"These Dreams"

[Sept 2016]

Nick shares his overall ambitions in life and reflects back on times that affirm he’s headed in the right direction. [filmed by Shane George, Jared Olive, and others, edited  by Nick LaToof]